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Posted: Wed Nov 29, 2017 1:02 pm
by Ogele
‎(from @oaunoticeboard)

Just before the launching, consider yourself to be in my close group. As a project manager and business strategist, I have been working with my partners since the beginning of this year. The idea on our table is the creation of online noticeboard, a noticeboard that will be mobile. The essence of noticeboard and the idea of mobility, particularly, internet as the agent, was what struck the mind. Over the years, I have always wondered if our lost and found items could be so simply placed in a general space where it could be assessed, if we could have an utility board that will be so much in our pocket.

And also, much consideration was put into our social nature as human beings. How do we have a board that would not bore you,however useful it may be? We had to consider the usage of such boards by people using them and what they use them for. So we have come to put the MVP, NOTICEBOD v 1.0 out for public assessment.

We entering the market with three major platforms :
With these distinct platforms in one place,we hope to give you mobile experience worth your time online. Post ads of lost and found items, buy and sell easily, and create discussion group and topics without limitation to participants.

From our desk, the whole work just started, we have blueprint to follow in increasing your mobile board experience on NOTICEBOD.

Basically, our market research is still very much deep and we are open to contributions from our audience, for whom this value is created, and also from sponsors. After our MVP session, we will commence with our software research and development to fully help give the desired taste to your online experience.

All you can do presently is to expect more from us. The url is:

Follow us @oaunoticeboard on IG.

Project Manager and Lead Strategist
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